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1. I watched the New York Yankees defeat the Tampa Bay Rays 4 to 3. Ironically, Lou’s uniform number was 4.

2. Maureen and I donated $100 to the ALS Foundation in Lou’s name.

3. I bought a Lou Gehrig jersey on sale at half price.

4. I donated ten autographed copies of Lou Gehrig: The Lost Memoir to the Fort Wayne Tincaps, a minor league team associated with the San Diego Padres, to use as rewards for their loyal fans.

5. I was scheduled to have an interview with John Nolan, play-by-play man for the TinCaps, but it was postponed until today because of complications due to a long rain delay.

6. I also made plans for another phone discussion on Friday with an interviewer in New York City.

While there are many references to “Is” in the above list, all the credit should go to Lou Gehrig. It was men like Lou who make us hope there are more like him in the world today.

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We thought of you and wondered what you were doing on Lou Gehrig Day. So, now we know. Eager to see y’all soon!😀

Me gusta
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