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More Books by Historian & Author Alan D. Gaff

On Many a Bloody Field

Get the book called "a masterpiece of Civil War scholarship" by The Bookwatch and which Library Journal says "gives some of the best descriptions of the daily life of a Civil War soldier that can be found anywhere."


Ordered West

Get the memoir described as "one of the most significant documents relating to the history of the army in the Southwest to be uncovered in the last several decades."


Adventures on the Western Frontier

A colorful chronicle of the American West, this book brings to life General John Gibbon's experiences on the western frontier - as he first encountered it in 1860, and as he campaigned and scouted through the West during the 1870s.


Brave Men's Tears

Classic and definitive account of the famed Iron Brigade at the Battle of Brawner Farm.  Second edition prized by collectors for the 1980s hot pink dust jacket.


Our Boys

Based on photographs assembled of the dead soldiers from Grant County, Wisconsin after the Soldiers Monument was dedicated in 1867 this book is the result of research into contemporary documents to examine the soldiers' families, their military careers and some events surrounding their deaths.

our boys.jpg

Bayonets in the Wilderness

The book one historian called a "graceful and compelling narrative" that "provides the definitive account of Wayne's Fallen Timbers campaign." 


Lost Battalion

This history of the Lost Battalion had one reviewer "immediately intrigued by the breadth and depth of research into the personal stories."


A Corporal's Story

Read the memoir one reviewer called "engagingly written, richly descriptive, unflinchingly honest, and emotionally compelling."


If This Is War

This volume represents a unique approach to military history by an author--an entire volume devoted to the experiences of soldiers in a single regiment during their first campaign.

if this is war.jpg
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