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Editor's Note: Modified slightly from its appearance in the New York Daily News on October 4, 1925.

In a novel contest combining four sports, Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees triumphed at the Belleclaire Golf and Country Club, Bayside, Long Island, on October 3, 1925. Lou tossed a baseball around nine holes of the course and did it in one stroke less than Leo Diegal, star pro, who played regular golf. The other competitors were Dr. Paul Crouse, archery champion, and Edwin Harkins, youthful bait caster.

Gehrig’s throwing was remarkable for length and accuracy. The bait caster went out 400 feet frequently and the arrows were sent on flights of as much as 300 yards.


My only comment would be that Crouse, the archer, did not have much of a short game.

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